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The job of a windowing library is to serve an interface between your code and the windowing system of the operating system while abstracting away some of the gnarly details. These libraries usually try to cover multiple platforms, but there are some exceptions.

Crate raw-window-handle Supported platforms Implemented in Description
Cargo vec.svgglfw yes Windows, macOS, X11, Wayland (partial) C Rust wrapper around GLFW 3.
Cargo vec.svgsdl2 yes Windows, macOS, X11, Wayland, iOS, Android, WASM C Includes text input, keyboard/controllers handling, audio management. Mainly used in game development.
Cargo vec.svgwinit yes Windows, macOS, X11, Wayland, iOS, Android, WASM Rust A cross-platform, pure Rust windowing library. The most popular crate to create windows in the Rust ecosystem.
kettle11/kapp yes Windows, macOS, WASM Rust