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This is a list of pages that are missing, incomplete or outdated, and where contributions are welcome!

Feel free to extend this list.

Incomplete pages[edit]

Language Concepts[edit]

  • FFI
    • Three sections are empty
  • Undefined Behavior
    • Section "What happens when Undefined Behavior is encountered" is empty; also see note
  • Generics
    • "Usage" section not written yet
  • Module
    • Missing sections: "Usage", "Visibility", "Re-exporting items", etc.
  • Arrays and Slices

Ecosystem Overviews[edit]

  • Computer graphics
    • The page only contains one link; it should either be extended or redirect to that page
  • Game development
    • The page contains some links. Categories like 2d, 3d, game engine, etc. need to be created.

Standard library[edit]

Missing/requested pages[edit]

Click on a red link to create a page for it: